Wednesday, 19 November 2014

I feel desperately sorry for Nick Conrad.

It doesn't sound to me like he's had the sort of sex most of us treasure.

The cooperative, lusty, loving and mutually orgasmic kind that comes from a place of communication, tenderness and sharing.

When misguidedly speaking for all men is Nick calling from his own experience of physical relationships?

A horrifying thought.

I hope his hugely generalising comments are enough to get men a plenty fired up and joining the debate that so far is saturated by middle class social commentators, feminists, columnists and politicians.

Surely his comments are damning and offensive enough to get dads, traditionalists and average blokes down the pub berating him.

All loving partners, husbands and generally respectful, sexual males should be furious that their healthy desire has been aggressively likened to a dog with his tail being yanked.

It's time to stand up to the idiots like Nick Conrad who really believe that men are just dicks on a stick waiting to dive into the nearest willing (or unwilling) vagina.

The producers of his show should have cut him off mid rant. There is no way that such damaging rhetoric would have been acceptable if he were talking about any other controversial topic - race, religion, immigration etc.

But because it's consent he is willfully poo pooing he was allowed to continue spouting damaging and hurtful generalisations that don't paint either sex in a light that even exists as far as I've ever seen.

What he has said is an extension of so many conversations I've heard in relation to the topic of consent and in particular the Ched Evans' rape conviction:

"What was she doing with him at that time of night anyway?"

"If she didn't want to have sex why did she go back to his hotel?"

"What was she doing wandering around drunk on her own?"

"If she was that drunk how does she know whether she consented or not?"

The fact is that a court of law determined that she was too intoxicated to consent but Ched Evans had sex with her anyway.

That is rape.

And apologising or justifying his behaviour away is not only disrespectful to victims of rape and sexual assault it is damaging to people's faith in our justice system.

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